It all started with a bobbled jumper and a torn pair of shorts . . .

More than 40 years ago, Polaris founder Roger Dillon realised that his fell running gear just wasn’t fit for purpose for his new passion of mountain biking. Burrowed away in an attic, he taught himself to sew and set about making bespoke biking kit for himself and his friends. Polaris Bikewear was born.

In the near half century since,

Polaris has remained true to its roots in innovation and adventure. Based on the edge of the Peak District National Park, and inspired by the navigating star it is named after, we have always sought to lead the way in British based design.

The Polaris Challenge Our appetite for adventure brought about the Polaris Challenge, the first ever Mountain Biking Orienteering event of its kind. Participants had 48 hours to reach as many pre-determined checkpoints within a 1600km2 area, whilst giving themselves enough time to return to the starting point. Events were held in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, and Germany and put Polaris at the forefront of adventure cycling.

What we stand for Polaris has remained at the cutting edge of the cycling industry since, and today we support elite athletes both in the UK and internationally. Whilst we are proud to list British and Chinese Olympians amongst our clients, we are just as proud to have supported Project Enduro, who work to encourage those with disabilities to still experience the thrills of cycling.

What we believe Cycling journeys aren’t limited to singletrack, and Polaris’ extensive range of road and adventure clothing, as well as high-quality luggage, demonstrates how we have applied our key ideals to all aspects of cycling. We believe cycling should be accessible, and that is reflected in the broad range of products Polaris have created for the past four and a half decades. The thread that ties all these products together, from road jerseys to bike pods, is the spirit of adventure and the passion for innovation that has been instilled in Polaris from its origin.

Inspired by the Peak District Polaris is proud to be part of Inspired by the Peak District which creates a single voice for businesses in the area covered by the Peak District National Park, High Peak, Staffordshire Moorlands and Derbyshire Dales. We urge all businesses to get involved, make your voice heard and help make the Peak District a better place for people to come and do business.