Brand Focus: SILVA

With the launch of their first headlamp, the Zeiler in 1935 – SILVA was born. 

SILVA are a Swedish premium outdoors company developing products for people who are passionate about the outdoors just like us. Regardless if the activity is pulse heightening like running, skiing, climbing or just your commute to work or school!

 We chose SILVA to join HBR’s fast variety of brands because no matter where you go, at any time, in any condition SILVA products stand up to the test! (Fun fact:, one of the founders Björn actually published a book on land navigation and the sport of orienteering. So you know, that they know what they’re talking about)

SILVA’s intelligent light technology will keep you able to see and be seen!

Keep an eye on SILVA at Hike Bike & Ride to see where the next level of orienteering will take you!

SILVA Brand Image