We really enjoy hearing about people’s plans for adventures on bikes and are always flattered when people think of us when planning these adventures. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to support everyone that contacts us, as much as we might like to. So, we thought we’d write up a bit of a guide of what we are looking for, and how best to approach us so to receive support.

Make an effort and do your research!

Polaris Bikewear has been in the business for nearly 30 years, and we’re not bashful about what we’ve been up to in those 3 decades. So take 10 minutes to have a look around and see what we’re all about. We want to know why you specifically thought Polaris would be the perfect fit for your adventures. If you’ve used our products in the past then we’d love to know. If you haven’t, let us know why you’d like to start using them now. We’ve got social accounts, blogs and an About Us chock full of information about Polaris and what we’re all about, so make the effort to take a look at them. Tell us how your plans would fit well with Polaris and what we do. Any generic emails sent will be ignored. Sorry, but if you won’t make the effort to sit down and write us an actual email, we’ll show you the same courtesy.

What can you offer Polaris?

We want every relationship we have with riders to be mutually beneficial. That does mean that we are looking for something in return for the support we offer. We’re proud of being able to support riders, and we like to make as big a deal about doing it as possible. That means we’re after pictures, blogs, race reports or any other 'content' you can offer. We’ve even had a comic based review of our kit! If you’ve done any of those in the past, send us some links. Evidence that you can provide what you’re offering us makes it a lot more likely that we’ll be able to help out. If you’ve got a blog, an Instagram page or anything else, be sure to include a link so we can be nosey. Every piece of kit we supply to riders has a cost to us, and ultimately we have to see some sort of return for that cost.

What type of support do we offer?

We’re happy to be very flexible with the support that we provide for riders. If you’re after the use of a bike case for a month whilst you complete the TransAm we would consider it, if you’re looking for us to fully kit you out from head to toe for the Iditarod then we would also consider it! However, we only offer Polaris kit in support, either at a discounted rate or potentially free of charge. We never offer financial support to riders, regardless of level or need. The reason for this is fairly simple, we feel creating a monetary relationship distorts what we want to be a friendly relationship between fellow lovers of cycling. We want to be able to chat to you about how great riding bikes and using Polaris kit is, not chasing invoices. But when you’re looking for kit, don’t be afraid to be specific. It can be a little awkward to make requests straight off the bat, but if you tell us specifically what you’re after it gives us a better idea of what we might be able to do to help you. We might not be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for, but it gives us a useful starting point Also, please be considerate of our market. If, for example, you were looking for us to provide a Bike Pod but you already have an agreement with a cycling clothing company, it puts us in a complicated position and we would consider it a conflict.

What type of riders do we support?

Here at Polaris we love all types of riding, we’ve got MTBers, roadies, triathletes and adventurers in the office. In the past year alone, we’ve supported Trans Continental riders, gold medal triathletes and MTB National Champions. But that doesn’t mean we’re only interested in elite athletes. What we’re most interested in are great stories. So if you think you’ve got a great story, then we want to hear it, and we want to help you tell it! We can support you on specific trips, or look at a more permanent relationship. We’re always open to ideas.

So, how should I go about contacting you?

If you’re looking to receive support from Polaris you should email marketing[at]polaris-bikewear.co.uk directly. If you DM us, @ us on twitter or contact us in any other form you’ll receive a link to this page, so make sure you’ve read all the information on here before going further. We’ll do our very best to reply to you as quick as we can, but things do tend to get a little busy here so unfortunately we cannot always reply to every request we get. Good luck! If you're looking for examples of the type of content our supported riders have offered us in the past, take a look here and here