Brand Focus: Tilley Endurables

Since 1980 Tilley have made a commitment to craft products of only the highest quality. Inspired by life outdoors Tilley create authentic products to endure the test of time.

Canadian born, Tilley’s craftsmanship is second to none. It takes 23 pairs of hands to make a single Tilley hat, a precise and practiced craft. The aim?  Create a hat that could do everything the founder needed – stay on in wind, be unsinkable, last indefinitely and protect against the elements all while still looking stylish!

We chose Tilley to join our HBR family because of their outstanding dedication to their product. Something you’re proud to wear with durability, innovation and performance at the forefront.

Tilley are guaranteed for life, they are so confident in their craftsmanship that they guarantee most of their headwear against normal wear and tear, poor workmanship or faulty materials!

Keep an eye on Tilley at Hike Bike & Ride to see where the Canadian born headwear aficionados go with their next product!

Tilley Sailing